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Our design process

A properly thought out garden design can make all the difference in your landscape. As with any home improvement project, planning is a key element to success and can save time and money in the long run.

Initial project consultation - This is where we get to know each other a bit and decide if JuliaGarden Design is a good fit for your project.

Site analysis and existing conditions plan - We will assess your property by taking measurements, looking at sun/shade patterns, views, wind direction, assessing drainage and other unique site conditions. We will put together a plan of your property showing key existing conditions, site restraints, and our analysis.

Design Concepts - Design concept(s) will be presented and reviewed as loose sketches and idea boards. Once agreed upon, this will set the direction of the final design.

Final Design - All the details. Including cost estimates, plant list, materials, photos etc.

Installation - We install planting projects in-house. For larger, more complex projects, we offer project management services - we can assist you in selecting the right contractors for the job and we can also oversee the entire project to ensure it is running smoothly and being installed according to plan.

Quick design - for smaller projects as well as for inspiration to get you thinking about your property's potential, we offer a quick design service. Based on an initial consultation and site analysis, we will deliver an inspiration board with photos and a quick design concept sketch. Cost for this service is generally between $500 - $1,000